Dear Client,

Important notice regarding Coronavirus. 

Due to the reported cases in the UK (85 to date), as a business, it seems prudent to issue a few warnings and notices in response to this outbreak. We all need to be responsible to avoid the spread of this deadly virus. 

Please do not attend the clinic if: 

1) You are exhibiting any of the flu-like symptoms, coughing or have difficulty breathing.

2) If you have visited any of the high-risk countries listed in the guidance from the government:

(Please regularly check this site for all the latest information).

3) If you have been in contact with anyone tested positive with Coronavirus.

Additionally, please make sure that you follow basic hygiene practices e.g. Washing your hands and when coughing or sneezing use a tissue NOT your hands. I have tissues and soap at all clinics if you require these. 

I reserve the right to ask any client displaying symptoms to leave the session for both of our well being. 

Let's all take care, be responsible and do our best to keep ourselves and others safe from harm.

I look forward to seeing you soon. 

Kindest Regards