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Consultant Chartered Counselling Psychologist in East Finchley

The Therapy I offer provides: tailored care, support, clarification and insight into what can often seem confusing or painful in your life.

By working with me you will begin to understand why you behave in the way you do, why you respond in certain ways; possibly over-reacting at times; getting angry or overly-upset with those who you are close to, or with people at work and other situations you encounter in life; or simply why you feel depressed or lacking confidence and self-esteem to achieve the things you want in life.

Our childhoods and the way we were treated by our parents and significant others form our core beliefs, the way we view ourselves and others and we all carry these beliefs into adulthood, some of them more unconsciously than others.

We all carry around life scripts such as ‘I deserve nothing’ or ‘I am not good enough’ or more positive ones like ‘I am good enough’ and ‘I deserve only goodness in my life’, which we may or may not be aware of. These play out in our relationships with others, and can even sabotage our relationships and careers. Often these scripts govern the way we interpret situations and what others say to us and can also stop us reaching our full potential.

We assume we are slaves to this script, but in reality when you have understood this more and have learned the necessary skills to challenge these beliefs:

My hope and aim is to enable you to:

Gain insight into the way you think and behave
Feel empowered to create new tools to help take control of your life
Help you understand how you relate to your world and all the situations you encounter
Assist in creating new and highly functional ways of responding to others why you feel and think the way you do
Assist you in achieving all your goals set out in life
Overcome any life difficulty that has set you back from achieving your full potential

This insight is achieved by exploring and understanding where you are in your situation through identifying the various strategies and coping mechanisms you have been using to maintain the difficult cycle you are currently experiencing, and through identifying and creating new ways of relating to the world, situations and people effectively and successfully.

Since therapy for me is a collaborative and unique relationship, we work together to understand the challenges or concerns that are presented and identify ways in which you can become the person you want to be but also to ultimately live a happy and fufilling life