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Your  own  reactions  now  to  the  traumatic  event

Please  consider  the  following  reactions  which  sometimes  occur after  a  traumatic  event.  This  questionnaire  is  concerned  with your  personal  reactions  to  the  traumatic  event  which  happened to  you. 

Please  indicate  (Yes/No)  whether  or  not  you  have  experience any  of  the  following  at  least  twice  in  the  past  week

1. Upsetting thoughts or memories about the event that have come into your mind against your will

2. Upsetting dreams about the event

3. Acting or feeling as though the event were happening again

4. Feeling upset by reminders of the event

5. Bodily reactions 

(such as fast heartbeat,  stomach churning, sweatiness, dizziness) when reminded of the  event.

6. Difficulty falling or staying asleep

7. Irritability or outbursts of anger

8. Difficulty concentrating

9. Heightened awareness of potential dangers to yourself and others

10. Being jumpy or being startled at something unexpected

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traumatic  stress  disorder.British  Journal  of  Psychiatry, 181,  158,162.

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